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Can kidney disease be detected early?

Urine test kits are available for dogs and cats to detect very early damage to kidneys.

Using less than 2ml of urine, trace quantities of blood product (microalbumin) can be detected. This is an indicator of kidney damage, long before there are elevations of kidney enzymes in the blood. Positive results can also be an indicator of other systemic diseases.

This test is particularly useful in cats and dogs that are at risk of kidney diseaseThese include animals over 7yrs of age, as well as young purebred long-haired or Burmese cats (at risk of inherited cystic kidney disease).

It is also a useful screening test for any animal prior to having an anaesthetic or suffering from other illnesses, such as pancreatitis and liver disease.

If early kidney damage is detected, preventative measures can be instigated to minimise the deterioration of the kidneys or reverse the effects of minor damage. This includes the use of special low phosphorus/protein or prescription diets, antibiotics, phosphorus binding medications, diuretics, anabolics, etc.

These tests can be done in the clinic and only take 5 min. For more information, please contact the clinic or ask one of our staff at your next visit.