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How can I reduce the cost of my Vet bill?

Here are some tips for cutting the cost of veterinary care for your pets and horses:

  1. Ask us to calculate cheaper alternatives eg if your dog is currently on heartguard heartworm prevention we may suggest that interceptor tablets or the yearly injection plus allwormer tablets would be more cost effective over 12 months.
  2. If you have multiple animals have them all vaccinated in one visit. There is a discount for every pet if done during the same appointment.
  3. If you are a pensioner or full time student or have a health care card, receive 10% discount on everything except over the counter itemns and food.
  4. Take out pet insurance- beginning at around $5 per week, it could save you thousands off veterinary surgery or treatment costs. (Call Vets Own 1300 668 890, Petsecure 1800 621 672 or GIO 13 10 10). Particularly recommended if you have a large breed dog.
  5. Stay up to date with preventative medication and vaccinations eg preventatively treating for fleas will save costs of treating flea allergy dermatitis and not missing heartworm treatments will save on the cost of a blood test beofre restarting prevention.
  6. Worm your horse at the change of every season and an extra worming during summer and change to a new paddock each time to prevent extra feed bills, colic and anaemia.
  7. Buy bigger bags of dog and cat food. Premium foods particularly, compare favourably with supermarket foods when bought in bulk. Ask for our breeder bags of science diet and get up to 4kg for free.
  8. Buy your pet accessories (leads, collars, dog jackets, toys etc) from us instead of the pet shop, we do not rely on mark up of these itms as our mainincome source.
  9. Lobby the federal government or our MP to take GST off veterinary products, services and medication (and receive an instant 10% discount off your veterinary bill).
  10. Use your loyalty rewards for credit against veterinary purchases from DRVC.