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What should we do with an itchy dog?

Springtime heralds the start of itching, scratching, biting & licking for a lot of dogs and cats.

The most common causes of these symptoms at this time of year are flea bites, flea allergies, contact allergies, inhaled allergens & larval ticks. Food allergies can cause itching all year round as can allergies to dust mites & sarcoptes mange mites. Some dogs are allergic to numerous things & have a condition called atopy.

There are many treatments that can alleviate allergic itching but the only cure is to establish the exact cause of the allergy & prevent access to it completely. Treatments include cortisone, anit-histamines, omega fatty acids, alpha keri oil, cyclosporin, antibiotics, special flea/tick treatments, topical creams, de-sensitising vaccines and special sensitive skin diet foods. If your dog, cat, horse or other pet has persistent itchiness or recurrent ear/eye/skin infections call us for a step by step plan to recovery.