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Platinum Paws Club

At Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre we strive to provide value for our pet Mum & Dads whilst not compromising standards of care for pet patients. We have replaced the loyalty rewards program with our new Platinum Paws Club.

​Platinum Paws Club has 3 membership tiers:

Blue (Peace of Mind): Unlimited FREE examinations / consultations, FREE annual vaccination + 10% discount off all services at Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre (DRVC) + 20% of Hill's Science Diet premium food and prescription food! $120 to join then just $35 / month ongoing.   

​Silver (Complete Health Care)​: FREE annual vaccination, included proheart injection for dogs + external and internal parasite protection sent to you in the mail every 3 months + 10% discount of all services at DRVC + 20% off Hill's Science Diet premium food and prescription diet food! $120 to join then a low ongoing fee depending on the size of your dog ($40/month for <10kg) or if you have a cat ($30/month).

Gold (The Ultimate Package): Combines the benefits of the Complete Health Care (full preventative health care with convenience including FREE annual vaccination) and Peace of Mind (FREE UNLIMITED examinations / consultations) for just $9/month extra to the Complete Health Care package cost.  

See a snapshot of the different Club Membership Benefits.

For more information download the PPC brochure or call us at the surgery on (03) 9751 2999 during normal business hours.

Dentistry Deals

Dentistry is a serious matter that needs to be done professionally & carefully! Cutting corners is not an option at our surgery. Only precise, safe, pain free dental care is available at DRVC, including full mouth dental x-rays (like Basil the rabbit in the image above) to see if there are any hidden problems under the gum line.

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Cat Boarding / Hospice

Perfect for weekends away or for safety for your cat during renovations.

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Vaccinations & Worming

All your pets need regular vaccinations and worming to keep them in a healthy condition. Call us or come into the surgery to talk about your pets needs.

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Public Dog Wash

DIY dog wash / hydrobath available for access 7 days 6am-10pm.

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Behaviour & Socialization

Unwanted social problems of your dog can be dealt with and corrected at our surgery.

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Puppy Pre-School

Puppy pre-school is essential for early socialisation & good manners of your puppy. A well behaved dog will be welcome where ever you go.

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Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre is an accredited Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) microchipping centre.

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Medical/Surgical Facilities

Our highly skilled and experienced veterinary surgeons can perform almost any operation in our fully equipped veterinary surgery.

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House Calls

If your pet gets too stressed out by the car trip to the vet never fear - we’ll come to you!

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